Upcoming Events for 2018

Upcoming Events for 2018

Fall Bible Series - October 14-17, 2018, Gardner Hall

Theme: Taking On Enemies

Sunday 9:00 AM - "My Grace is Sufficient"

Sunday 3:00 PM - Worship in Song

Sunday 4:00 PM - "Other Worldly"

Monday 7:30 PM - "Two Dangerous Worldly Philosophies"

Tuesday 7:30 PM - "Convictions Versus Mercy"

Wednesday 7:30 PM - "Who's the Enemy?"

Mid-day Series: Mon-Wed, 11:30 to 12 - "Sermons from Women"


2018 Youth Forum - December 1-2, 2018, Roger Polanco

Theme: Living in This World, But Not of This World


Saturday, December 1, 1:00 to 4:00 PM

-Making Up Our Minds Not to Defile Ourselves in Babylon

-Looking for Answers in God Rather than Babylon

-Standing Up to Culture Rather than Bowing to Idols

Sunday, December 2, 9:00 AM

-Consistently Serving God in Babylon

Sunday, December 2, 5:00 PM

-The Sin of Belshazzar: Profanity



Ongoing Events

Ladies Bible Study (weekly), Thursday @ 10:00 am (Spring and Fall)

Singing (monthly), 2nd Monday @ 7:30 pm

Prayer Meeting (monthly), 1st Sunday @ 4:00 pm

Give us a call at 502-245-0573 if you have any questions! 


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