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“The Parents of Jesus Went to Worship”

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The Parents of Jesus Went to Worship

By Paul Earnhart

Jesus was the Son of God, but He was entrusted to earthly parents when he came to live on the earth.  Parents can learn much by observing Joseph and Mary, the two individuals with whom God entrusted his Son.

Luke 2:41 tells us that His parents used to go to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover.  Going to Jerusalem each year was not easy for them. It involved a journey of 50 miles or more each way, a journey which they most likely made on foot. This meant that they had to abandon their occupation and lose the income for more than a week. Then they had to go to the extra expense of spending a week or two away from home. The Law required it, so they did it.

And that was only one of three feasts which the Law required them to observe in Jerusalem. We may be sure that if the parents of Jesus went for one, they went for all.  Such obedience was a good example for Jesus.  But they were not content simply to give Jesus a good example.  They took Jesus with them.  In Luke 2:42-52, we read about one of those journeys which they made when Jesus was 12 years old.

Some parents do not involve their children in religious activities.  They say, "We will just wait until our children are old enough to decide for themselves what they want to do about religion." Such parents do not let the children decide what they will do about going to school or about coming home at night, but they want to let them decide about religion. God did not entrust His son to parents who reasoned that way.  Joseph and Mary took Jesus with them.  And in Jerusalem he demonstrated a knowledge of the scriptures which indicated that those parents had had Him in weekly synagogue worship and had taught Him God’s word even at home.

Are you that kind of parent? Do you take your children to worship faithfully?  Do you teach them God's word in your home?